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St Peter's Church in Berlaar dates back to the end of the 19th century and was designed by Antwerp architect L. Blomme. Even though this church was one of his first projects, his style is already visible; Flemish Neo-Romanesque. The Romanesque tower, which already existed at that point, was preserved and wonderfully integrated into the design. In fact, the tower itself dates back to the 13th century. Even today, this tower is the eye-catcher by far in the centre of Berlaar.

A thorough renovation of the entire church building began in 2019. Thus, the decision was made to illuminate the tower and the architectural church facades. Our study department got to work and chose lighting with a focus on the stained-glass windows, niches and roof of the tower. 
Combined with the meticulously executed façade and roof works, this returned the grandeur of the past to these neo-Romanesque façades.

Our study department also designed the interior and emergency lighting.
With a combination of uplights, downlights and linear lighting, a coherent entity was worked out to illuminate the interior and the murals (currently under renovation). Beforehand, test set-ups were carried out and 'scene' possibilities were determined for the optimal scheduling of the lighting. Depending on the use of the building, the lighting scenarios can, for instance, emphasise the altar or the magnificent cross vaults, but also highlight the entire building with a pleasantly warm but bright light. The central control of this installation ensures unprecedented ease of use.

A combined project the whole team is proud of!

This project was carried out among others with Platek, Daisalux, Neko, Hoffmeister and Teknoware.


Berlaar, 2022

Architecture: Het Architectenatelier bvba

Lighting design: Fosfari bv

Installation: EMB construct / Claesen verlichting

Photography: Jim Van Loo

Sources: Internal,

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