Emergency lighting



Emergency lighting is one of the most important security systems in a building. In the event of an emergency, emergency lighting makes it possible to stop work and leave a building safely via the designated escape route. It is a 'stand alone' backup system whose operation does not depend on the usual electricity network in a building. It must be ready for use at all times.

Own department 

Because we noticed that there was a need for expertise in emergency lighting, we decided to set up our own emergency lighting department in 2015. Over the past few years, we have gained a very good picture of this matter through our accumulated knowledge and project experience. We are happy to assist you with our expertise in emergency lighting. 


Careless planning results in high maintenance costs

As the owner or manager of a building, it is in your best interest to plan the maintenance costs of your emergency lighting installation. After all, the major cost is not the purchase of a new system but the maintenance of your (future) installation. Emergency lighting systems have potentially extremely high maintenance costs. 


Legal framework

As a building, facility or site manager, you are obliged by law to provide a properly functioning safety lighting infrastructure. You are bound to maintain and operate your installation in accordance with the legal requirements. After all, in the event of a disaster, you run the risk of being held liable if it appears that your installation did not function properly.


Maintenance-free emergency lighting 

With the ESCAP product line you are exempted from maintenance for up to 20 years. The batteries of the appliances have been replaced by super capacitors, with an expected service life of up to 20 years.


Central monitoring

Our devices can be monitored centrally and wirelessly with the Aalto Control System. Each individual luminaire is monitored with this system via wall unit, tabled, PC or 'in the cloud'. A must for larger installations.



If desired, we can support you with: light calculation for emergency lighting, audit existing situations, Cad drawing services, commissioning of wireless systems, LAAS solutions (Lighting as a service).

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