The Finnish company Teknoware is used by us as a solution for emergency lighting with an enormously long lifespan.  It is the absolute pinnacle when it comes to escape route signs and emergency lighting.



Teknoware developed the innovative ESCAP product line. Here, the batteries of the devices have been replaced by super capacitors, with an expected life span of up to 20 years. As a comparison: in the case of an appliance with a battery, it has to be replaced every 3 to 4 years. The entire ESCAP product line is guaranteed for 12 years.



Supercapacitors, unlike batteries, do not contain toxic substances or heavy metals, so they do not have to be recycled as chemical waste. A supercapacitor is completely electronic and therefore does not have this problem. ESCAP is 100% recyclable. Therefore environmentally friendly, circular and sustainable. Did you know that these devices work without problems down to -25°C ?           



All Teknoware luminaires can be centrally and wirelessly monitored with the Aalto Control System. Each individual luminaire is monitored with this system via wall unit, tabled, PC or 'in the cloud'. As a result, you can already save costs on maintenance because you know remotely which fixture has a defect and what this defect exactly is (so that the right replacement parts can be taken along when intervention is required).

Fosfari eclairage de secours
Fosfari eclairage de secours
Fosfari eclairage de secours
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