Art & Culture



Whether you are looking for solutions for displaying art collections as truthfully as possible, lighting collections according to a specific scenography or solutions for showcase lighting, we treat each cultural project with the utmost care.

Museums & Art Galleries

Over the years we have built up a very nice reference list in Belgian museums. From the lighting of permanent collections to temporary exhibitions, within our extensive range we are sure to find a solution and lift your exhibition to a higher level in a respectful manner.


Churches and sacred buildings

In sacred buildings, we like to work on the basis of a total approach, from the concept phase to delivery, always in dialogue with the designers and users of the building.

From the elaboration of the lighting plan to the delivery and programming of different atmospheres (service, celebration, concert, midnight mass,...).

In recent years we have seen that church buildings are also used for many other purposes than simply as a building of God. We now even see them as exhibition spaces, concert halls, libraries and hotels. And with the push of a button, the caretaker can, depending on the situation, adapt the atmosphere of the church. After all, each usage requires specific lighting.

Fosfari takes care of and supervises your cultural project with expertise, respect and enthusiasm.

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