Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp

Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp

Garden lighting

1238 is mentioned in Antwerp history books as the founding year of the St Elisabeth hospice on the so called 'Elzenveld' (Dutch for Alders-field), at that time still outside the city centre. Today, the 'Elzenveld' area is part of the vibrant city center of Antwerp, just behind the National Bank building, between Malines Square and the theatre district. Unfortunately, nothing of the 13th-century buildings has been preserved. However, one could fill several history books with the eight centuries of history of this site. Another chapter has been added to that history in recent years. 

" A destination in its own right."

Perfectly summarized. Because after a renovation of more than 3 years, the 5 historical buildings on the site reopened as a 5-star superior hotel under the name "Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp".

During the comprehensive renovation, the herb garden, the many other indoor gardens, and the terraces could not be forgotten. Fosfari supplied custom lighting for the illumination of the entrance arches, made of Corten steel. The various walkways throughout the gardens were soberly lit. These paths act as a guide throughout the site, taking visitors past the historic buildings. The historical façades are carefully illuminated to reveal their historic value. Subtle lighting in Corten steel was applied to the elevated herb gardens so as not to take all the attention away from the plants. A few statues and trees were specifically chosen to be lit and become charming details in the entire project.

The project was carried out with Platek, Dexter and Colab luminaires.

Antwerp, 2021

Lighting design: Fosfari bv

Photography: Jurgen Lijcops and Amaranta F

Sources: Internal and Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp 

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