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As the largest insurance agent in Belgium and most prominent in the Benelux, Vanbreda Risk & Benefits is highly committed to sustainability.

Besides the benefits for the environment and well-being in the workplace, the right LED lighting is not only the best choice financially in the long term, but also in the short term.

A lighting study and savings calculation was worked out for the headquarters in Antwerp.

This showed that replacing the 3,000 old luminaires with new efficient LED lighting could be earned back within a short period of time.

The longer lifespan of the new luminaires will also make replacement less urgent and reduce maintenance costs.


Tom Aerts (Facility Manager at Vanbreda Services):

“By taking the plunge with Fosfari, we opted for a total carefree approach to the replacement of the lighting in our building. Everything was prepared down to the last detail and also executed afterwards, allowing us to concentrate on our daily tasks.

Antwerp, 2023

Lighting design: Fosfari BV

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