Cycling tunnels Universiteitslaan-Ring Hasselt

Cycling tunnels Universiteitslaan-Ring Hasselt

Public Space

Belgian cycling infrastructure. Until a few years ago, our northern neighbours cycled smoothly 'ahead of us'. In recent years, Belgium has invested a lot and is giving space to cyclists in traffic.

Of these, Fosfari is very proud to be a partner in some major projects. Such as with the new bicycle tunnels under the intersection Universiteitslaan-Ring in Hasselt.

A clever design with appropriate lighting. Fosfari followed the project closely from the moment it was announced and, together with the project partners, was able to deliver a great reference.

The project was carried out with Insta-Lighting and Platek luminaires.

Project details

Lighting in tunnels can be both functional and decorative. In this project, we combined both at the clients' request. Functional line lighting with decorative colourful lighting spots.



Stop by during carnival, world autism day or "red nose"-day (Flemish awareness day on psychological well-being) and let the colourful scenes of our RGBW solution put a smile on your face.

Hasselt, 2021

Lighting design: Fosfari bv

Photography: AWV, VRT NWS, In house

Sources: In house

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